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5G Life Campus @ Corda Campus in collaboration with Ericsson

25 May 2020

5G Life Campus @ Corda Campus in collaboration with Ericsson

Corda Campus, Ericsson and 5G go hand in hand. In 2018, our campus was the first in Europe to launch a 5G test network in Corda-A.  But of course, it doesn’t stop there. We continue to grow, develop and go one step further every time. Our entire campus is now equipped with the ultra-fast 5G network, allowing Corda Companies to experiment with this high-tech network.

Would you also like to discover what 5G can do for your company? Maybe you’re just curious about exactly what we’re doing? Or do you just like to dive a little deeper into it because you see a lot of opportunities for the sector in which you are active? We got you covered. We offer you three powerful and stimulating formulas and we take you with great enthusiasm into our 5G Corda-Ericsson story. Of course fully adapted to the wishes, expectations and needs of your company.

How does it work exactly?

1: Starters: a 5G bath that will amaze you

Not quite at home yet in the world of 5G and what it can do for you and business? Good news because in the starter pack we will immerse you completely in our 5G story in half an hour. During a guided tour on Corda Campus we stop at the 5G Life Campus in Corda-A. The place where everything started and where you will discover the possibilities of 5G for yourself. We’ll give you a short introduction about the options, show you in a few demos what it really means and we’ll make sure you’re fully up to speed with 5G. Call it a 5G bath, an understandable deep dive with inspiring and crystal clear demos. Demos? Definitely: think of drones, speed tests and a crystal-clear explanation of the how and what in terms of 5G. Short, exciting and above all high tech! Interested? Let us know and we’ll do the rest.


– For whom? Anyone who wants to know more about 5G

– Number of participants: between 7 and 25 per group

– Duration: guided tour + 5G Life Campus stop: 90 mins

– Cost: free of charge

2: Pro: when the possibilities of 5G become crystal clear

Do you already have a clear idea about the possibilities of 5G, but would you like to go a step further? How can your company make a difference with 5G and what do you need to consider? The 5G Pro package offers exactly what you need. Ericsson’s 5G experts dive into the 5G story together with you and your colleagues. They give you information about the technical ins and outs and tell you more about the options and threats for the sector in which you are active. By means of interesting demos they show you what 5G will mean in the future and how best to deal with it. In two hours you will be ready for the next 5G level. Fancy it? Let us know.


–  For whom? For anyone with an existing knowledge of 5G who wants to delve deeper into the story

– Number of participants: in consultation with Ericsson

– Duration: +/- 2 hours

– Cost: free of charge

3: Premium: 5G custom-made for your company

Do you see the future of your company in 5G? And do you want to go all the way? Then the tailor-made premium package is exactly what you are looking for. Together with the Ericsson experts, you will dive into cases specific to your company. In an interactive workshop they will look at how your company and Ericsson can make a difference in the 5G world. After a few hours, you will step outside with a clear overview and a lot of opportunities for your company. Fully customized, fully Corda.


– For whom: anyone with a concrete interest in a possible collaboration around 5G

– Number of participants: in consultation with Ericsson

– Duration: couple of hours, to discuss with Ericsson

– Cost: to be discussed with Ericsson


Do you have any questions? Or are you interested in one of the packages? Feel free to ask them via

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