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Corda Campus supports local traders and launches the ‘Corda Buurderij’

09 September 2020

From September fresh local produce will be available every Tuesday.

Corda Campus is supporting local farmers and traders by launching ‘The Corda Buurderij’.  From Tuesday 29 September, everybody will be able to buy seasonal, organic fruit, vegetables and meat from the campus in Hasselt.

From 29 September, both employees and local residents can come to Corda Campus to purchase fair-trade, fresh products. Corda Campus is creating a fun and inspiring meeting point for locals and simultaneously lending its support to businesses from the area.

The Corda Buurderij will take place at the heart of the campus, in the Corda park. You can order and pay for products online via the handy online platform Products include (organic) fruit and vegetables, (organic) meat, (organic) bread and plenty of other tasty treats. The farmer sets the price and receives a decent income for his/her products. The Corda Buurderij will be held every Tuesday, from 29 September, between 4.30 pm and 6 pm. Contrary to regular markets, you can only collect products that you’ve ordered in advance; you cannot buy extra items when you arrive. This allows a perfect match between supply and demand.

Register here.


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