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Stand Up Company

After being active in the corporate world for a number of years, we noticed that there was one challenge that apparently no one could offer a solution for. Marketers, HR professionals, team leaders … everyone ran into the same issue: “How can you inspire or convince people to take action?” Budgets must be approved, new people must be hired, innovation and digital transformation are imperative … but if you are not able to include other people in your story, then it will only be a few good ideas and some smart people. a meeting room.

Whether people are in a B2B or B2C environment does not matter much, in the end they are all in a H2H (human to human) business. People do business with people. People love stories and strong communication, but struggle to find and build them. For that reason, Natalie Vandergraesen & Marnick Vandebroek Stand Up Company bvba started the need to get people to move within and outside organizations.

Professional, leader, speaker, applicant, entrepreneur … whoever you are, if you want to inspire people to take action with a strong story and impactful communication, then it’s time to STAND UP, because that is the only way you can STAND OUT.

Corda INCubator
Stand Up Company Corda Building Corda 6 - Corda INCubator
1 - 5 +32 485 35 57 54

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