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Sector: Drone-industrie
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Corda Incubator
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C-mine Crib
Sector: Creatieve en innovatieve business
Sector: Smart energy
Sector: Circulaire economie
Sector: Fiets- en sportindustrie
Sector: Land- en tuinbouw


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Making HR & Payroll essential to your success
For Life. For Work.
For decades, HR has been built around a set cadence: lifetime careers, permanent jobs, annual enrolment, quarterly reviews, monthly payroll, fixed locations.

Today, work is more fluid: workers want to be in control, they have an appetite for real-time information and expect things to get done instantly, on the go. Today’s workforce has an agile mindset and little tolerance for friction.

We see this fluidity of work reflected in how work and life are intertwined. Our people solutions help businesses and HR adapt to the new world of work. So workers can combine various jobs and employment types, receive flexible reward and continuous feedback, and weave their work life into their life work.

That’s why our people solutions are for life and for work.

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