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Raw Stadia

Company activity 

Raw Stadia is a sports surface data and analytics company.

About Raw Stadia

Raw Stadia is a sports technology company focused on surface–player interactions.

Our groundbreaking SaaS Pitch/Surface Analytics platform and closed loop data gathering hardware have been designed to correlate sports surface data (such as the firmness and elasticity of the soil, the shock the players will experience when running, the force needed for studs to penetrate for grip, and the rotational traction the athletes will experience when turning) to player data (such as GPS performance metrics, biomechanical and medical data). By using the Raw Stadia platform and surface testing tech, our customers improve their knowledge of the playing surface and gain insights into how the pitch conditions, which change daily, influence their players and athletes. Raw Stadia provides clubs, franchise owners, leagues, federations, and communities the ability to take preventative actions by testing their surfaces and analysing the data prior to matches and training sessions.

The “Surface Effect” completes the athlete dataset, providing a holistic view of all the factors influencing the player, when striving for performance optimisation, injury risk mitigation, and accelerated injury recovery.

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