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Sector: Drone-industrie
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Corda Incubator
Sector: Technologie- en servicessector
C-mine Crib
Sector: Creatieve en innovatieve business
Sector: Smart energy
Sector: Circulaire economie
Sector: Land- en tuinbouw


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Chto eto?! C’est quoi ça? PJOTR!

PJOTR helps start-ups and growing businesses to create digital solutions of all kinds and sizes. In doing so, we combine the flexibility of client-specific application development with the power of code reusability and robust software design. This two-fold approach leads to unique and state-of-the-art solutions for all of our clients, while keeping time-to-market as low as possible. In other words, it enables us to keep extreme agility without the need to reinvent the wheel over and over again.

Are you starting a mobile app based tech start-up? Are you building your own Customer Relationship Management system (CRM)? Or perhaps you want to accelerate your existing business with a new, custom made and fully tailored project management tool? The PJOTR team and code libraries are all set up to bootstrap your proprietary application or newborn business in no time.

Interested to learn more about what we’re doing and what’s in the pipeline? Let’s have a chat!

Corda INCubator
PJOTR Corda Building 6
1 -5 +32 498 39 96 69

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