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We Make Your Software

PeopleWare creates unique software for unique companies
There are those companies or organizations that are so unique that they need very specific, fine-tuned software. PeopleWare supports these extraordinary businesses with tailor-made software. 

PeopleWare makes software; that may not sound very sexy right away, but the story around it is that of a very inspiring business. Our customers are companies or organizations that are somehow different from others in their sector or that are simply unique. For example, they are one of the few players active in their sector, are unique in the market or have other extraordinary characteristics.
This atypical character means that they often do not find what they are looking for in today’s software offerings. There is an enormous amount of good software on the market, but if your business needs specific applications that do not exist today, then PeopleWare comes in the picture. We make software that supports unique customer challenges in just about every sector.

More than just technicians
It is a logical perception that we would be a company with mainly programmers and technical knowledge. That’s true, but it’s only part of our strength. We also employ a large number of people with functional knowledge; people who mainly understand the business side. The average age is now well over 40. Functional expertise and experience in strategically thinking along with our interlocutors: business managers, directors, business leaders… these are the assets that ensure that we make software that does more than what was initially asked of us.

The soul of the company
Companies that outsource their software expect a total service. We create software that optimizes the unique processes of our client’s core business. We are more than suppliers: That sounds like a cliché, but in our case it’s an accurate description. We have large companies that have been customers for more than 20 years and for whom we do everything with regards to their software: building, rolling it out, implementing, challenging, supporting… We relieve the customer of their software worries. The expertise that our people build up by thinking along with customers from virtually every sector is often greater than that of the customer himself.
Of course, we also observe the strictest confidentiality.