Corda INCubator is the place to be for young entrepreneurs in the technology and services industry. Are you a young entrepreneur and are you searching for an inspiring, creative workplace? We offer you office space as well as coaching, supervision and network development. In brief: everything you need to be a success and make it to the top! 

For whom?

The Corda INCubator is the ideal environment voor young and promising start-ups that are looking for an inspiring and fun community.

About CordaINCubator

Corda INCubator is the place to be for young entrepreneurs in the technology and services industry. Our “residents” and young start-ups often are innovative technology companies that are interested in carving out their own niche and thinking global.

We believe that modern companies must embrace open innovation to remain relevant. That is why we fully endorse the sharing economy. We surround our residents with a perfect ecosystem of people and the resources they need to grow.

Corda INCubator is part of Corda Campus, an open innovative ICT campus in the centre of the triangle formed by Eindhoven-Aachen-Leuven. A leading international campus for technology, high-tech, ICT and media. You can count on an inspiring workplace on Corda Campus. 

For whom?

Corda INCubator is the place to be...

... for (tech) start-ups with growth potential and for growth companies in Limburg;

... for student-entrepreneurs of Hogeschool PXL and UHasselt;

... for creative, innovative and entrepreneurial minds in Limburg that wish to make a positive contribution to the growth and progress in and of Limburg.


Why choose the Corda INCubator? Below is a list of our assets:

- We offer more than just an office; you also have access to interesting workshops and trainings;

- It’s a pleasant working environment: you become part of the community and can use Wi-Fi, the copier, the meeting rooms, kitchen and so on;

- Corda INCubator is the perfect place to expand your network, within and outside of the community;

- Corda INCubator is a vibrant community: we look forward to seeing you at our events;

- You will find yourself in a creative environment with experts;

- Corda INCubator is part of Corda Campus. The campus is ideally located with a train station and bus stop nearby.

262 seats bezet
92 start-ups sinds de start
4 verschillende formules
150 startprijs per maand


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