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Planning Lead


Eager to join our Unleashed team?


The role

Being our project planning lead at Unleashed includes:

  • co├Ârdinating and facilitating all projects at Unleashed through their entire lifecycle, starting from ideation to ‘go live’. Together with the various Project Owners, the Project Planning Lead is responsible for making sure all projects at Unleashed are evaluated, defined, planned, tracked, implemented, tested and launched following successive checkpoints. In each stage of the project, the Project Planning Lead and Project Owners make sure resources are identified and conflicts (budget, resources, time, etc) are tackled with all respective stakeholders.
  • The Project Planning Lead must also be able to see the big picture across all company’s projects and report rolled up project schedules and company-level bottlenecks requiring the attention of the Leadership Team. He/she must be able to manage change and take active leadership in timely decision making.
  • This is a significant role for Unleashed with a tremendous opportunity to impact our organization’s growth and success in the market. As such, this position directly reports to the CEO. The various Project Owners however reside elsewhere in the organization but report to the Project Planning Lead on a project basis only.

Sounds like a blast?
Great. So, your main responsibilities would be...

  • Being responsible for establishing Project Planning as a new way of working within the organization with the aim to achieve more transparency, higher efficiency, improved conflict resolution, and greater alignment between core stakeholders.
  • Defining the project lifecycle process, deliverables and operational cadence necessary to ensure consistent and swift project execution at each stage of its lifecycle.
  • Ensuring that all team members understand their roles and accept their responsibilities.
  • Being responsible for ensuring a Risk/Conflict Analyze process is in place and instigate avoidance activities. Establish contingency plans and identify trigger events are in place. Enable the various stakeholders, budget owners, and (when needed) the Leadership Team at Unleashed to help untangle resource, time, technical and any other roadblocks when needed.
  • Regularly tracking progress on all project plans and providing regular updates to the CEO and the Leadership Team.
  • Working with Project Owners to analyze actual performance against the project plan and make adjustments consistent with plan objectives. Provide ongoing developmental feedback to Project Owners as appropriate.
  • Ensuring Project Owners keep all stakeholders informed of progress and issues.
  • Managing project scope and deliverables through a structured change management process to ensure project goals are met while protecting Unleashed’s company’s objectives.


Because you’re the one...

  • Who has the ability to lead, motivate people, encourage teamwork, communicate effectively with the entire company in general and the Leadership Team in particular.
  • Who has a sufficient technical/operational background to understand the technical and process issues involved with the products and operations at Unleashed, as to be able to anticipate and identify technical and process obstacles, and to support the various technical, product, and process owners in making the right decisions.
  • Who brings 5-7 years Project Management experience. Preferably in Service/IT/Telco Delivery.
  • Who has 3-5 years Leadership experience in managing a team of Project Owners.
  • Who is Hands-on experienced in setting up a Project Planning Way of Working.
  • Who shows experience in Project Portfolio Management.
  • Who, after reading all this, says “This is it!”


In return you get...

  • A diversified job with responsibility and contribution.
  • A fixed contract in a fast-growing company.
  • The right Work-Life-Salary balance.
  • A congenial atmosphere  in a team of enthusiastic co-workers.


Is this all you ever hoped for?

Then don’t waste time and apply. Send us an email at and provide:
A letter of motivation.
Your CV
Let's do this!

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