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PITCO is a young and fast-growing company with an international client portfolio. We specialize in the development and roll-out of solutions for managing (online) virtual accounts. Our platform can be used to transfer money onto a virtual account or online credits system allowing the proprietary owner to initiate any kind of payment or purchase transaction. Our customers are mainly corporations (banks, retailers) who want to offer online bank accounts, online payments or online rewards solutions to their customers.

PITCO is also developing its own product portfolio based on their current software assets and know-how. 

Company Body


- January 2014: Ideation and start of development phase of our virtual account management platform

- November 2015: Launch of our platform for a big international retailer in Belgium

- May 2016: Pilot launch in France

- June 2016: Pitco’s own Product Roadmap

- September 2016: Pilot Launch of our first own product based on our software platform

- December 2016: Launch of our first own product based on our software platform

- March 2017: Launch of our platform in France

- 2018: Launch of our platform in a 3rd European country.


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