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Oehoe Data Science BV

Oehoe Data Science is a (Ltd./BV) consulting company with expertise to support medical product and service companies in their journey to reach a more quantified, informed decision making. We make use of well understanding value, value creation and delivery for medical applications. Our focus consits of prevention and personalized applications for healthcare IT, medical devices & life sciences. Technical, clinical or business data can be drawn from a variety of sources. Raw data is subsequently filtered, analyzed and transformed to useful information for enhanced, quantified decision making. We operate as management & data science consultants in order to determine KPIs and to bring them to life by means of reporting, data visualization and embedding managerial dashboards in a customer environment. Towards a more advanced level, we make use of predictive analytics for forecasting of time series. We typically work on project basis and advice is provided in a balanced way, keeping deliverables of the project plan in line with contractual duties towards the end customer.

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