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intrion is an industrial automation company which was created by the merger of the former ‘Createch Engineering’ and ‘Dolmen Industrial Projects’. Colruyt Group founded intrion when the need to automate certain tasks and simply the work of employees was great. Since 2012 intrion nv autonomised because the activities of the company no longer corresponded to the core business of Colruyt Group. Nevertheless, Colruyt Group still uses the services of intrion, to their great satisfaction. In past year intrion increasingly worked for other Belgian and international customers. It comes up with solutions for their industrial automation and makes sure that the different application communicate with each other to form a total solution. The company operates in production and logistics for the food, retail, pharmaceutical and aviation industries. intrion employs 150 engineers and the head office is in Huizingen. intrion has a satellite office in Hillegom (the Netherlands) and opened a new branch at Corda Campus in Hasselt on 3 November 2014.

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