The Corda Concept

What do Mobile Vikings, Right Brain, D square and other innovators have in common? They have all chosen Corda Campus, in the heart of the EUREGIO, as their home base. Not only because of its excellent location, but also for its efficient services and pleasant environment.

Corda Campus gives you access to a remarkable business community where knowledge, networking and the exchange of knowledge and ideas take centre stage. After all, you are surrounded by innovative, pioneering companies. Highly educated staff is always available, since the university and colleges nearby deliver top talents specialised in many fields, particularly ICT. 

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned expert, at Corda Campus you will always find scope for growth. After all, you are surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs who develop the products and services of the future. We hope to see you soon at Corda Campus! 

Open innovation

What determines the success of an innovation? In today’s rapidly evolving world, companies cannot simply rely on their own research. ‘Open innovation’ is defined as “the combination of new internal and external sources for both the development and the market launch of new technologies and products”. Corda Campus fully agrees with this type of innovation, which is all about joining forces. Our companies and partners inspire one another by sharing knowledge, experiences and facilities. That makes innovation easier, faster and cheaper.

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Are you innovative? Motivated? A born entrepreneur? Then we’d like to welcome you to Corda Campus, in the heart of a tech-savvy region where inspiring entrepreneurship runs through our veins. Corda Campus is an ecosystem of more than 60 companies, each with their own expertise and goals. This ‘campus-community set-up’ is also our biggest asset. As an entrepreneur, you are never on your own. If you have any questions or problems, you can always count on the other members of our ecosystem. And that pays off! Can you imagine what happens when the companies at our campus join forces? That’s right: an explosion of creativity and talent!

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Flexible workspaces

Corda Campus offers a wide variety of corporate spaces – from offices to incubation rooms, workshops, labs, clean rooms, archives and storage space. You name it, we’ve got it! Corda Campus can also come up with a customised real-estate solution combining various functions. Do you have any specific requests? Simply ask, and we’ll help you find the best solution. You grow, we grow with you!

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How it all began

The Corda Campus community may be young in spirit, but it boasts a long history. For example, did you know our walls resound with music? Let’s travel back in time and see what that’s all about!

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Corda Campus has a green touch, making it a pleasant place to work and reflecting our focus on sustainable entrepreneurship. At Corda Campus, every (sub)project is carried out with sustainability in mind – environmentally and socially responsible economic development, and mobility.

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