Choosing Corda Campus means joining a special business community, where the emphasis is on knowledge, networking and cross-pollination. Your neighbours are innovative, pioneering companies. You meet during lunch or at events, workshops or presentations we organise on campus. The perfect networking opportunities that are literally within walking distance.

The main difference with a traditional business park or an anonymous building? Here we provide more than just a front door. As a tenant/entrepreneur you become part of the community on our campus. In an isolated business park you may have a neighbour above or below you. Here however you share the premises with over 60 companies with the same mindset, which we regularly put in touch with each other.

How about our monthly Corda Keynotes? We always invite interesting speakers who gives presentations about a relevant topic. And we whet your appetite with a start-up that enthusiastically pitches its case. Corda entrepreneurs and external guests who learn together and take advantage  of the opportunity to do some networking after the keynote. Check our site for the next Keynote! We also organise various other community and networking events like Social Dogs, Bizcamp, Hackathons, ICT-meetups, StartNow, or Corda’muse. We invite all our campus residents to join us for a drink, a bite to eat and a chat during Cord’amuse. The ideal opportunity to get to know each other better and exchange ideas.

And last but not least, to do business!

Contact us today so your company can join our vibrant community.