The Offices

Offices and space to develop your business

Corda Campus has a wide range of offices at your disposal. In addition to renting out office space Corda Campus also rent incubation space, workshops, labs, archive and storage space. We can also provide your company with a tailor-made real estate solution that combines all of the above.

Just ask us, we will gladly think along with you!


The offices on Corda Campus are located in the various buildings on campus. Corda Campus will suggest a space that is suited to your specific needs. We can help you if you are looking for office space near your lab or workshop.

Currently we have 56,000 m² of offices, 8,000 m² of workshops, 1,200 m² of lab space and about 4,000 m² of smaller offices. Check the available space here or contact our team.

Corda Campus grows along with you

As your company grows, your real estate needs also change. On Corda Campus you can launch a start-up or establish a small satellite office in one of our smaller office and then move to one of the office buildings as you grow. You can produce your first prototypes in our labs or workshops. We even have options if you need an office building of your own. Kindly refer to our master plan which provides for the development of another 45,000 m² of office solutions.


The offices and spaces on Corda Campus are equipped with adapted technology. The offices have HVAC air conditioning. We can supply power, compressed air and so on to the workshops and the labs are equipped in line with your activities. The campus’s internal structure means the buildings are highly accessible.

All the spaces are equipped with HVAC air conditioning. The reception and signage at the entrance of every building ensures that visitors can easily get to your offices and receive a professional welcome.

Available space on Corda Campus:

  • from 40 m²
  • to 14,000 m²

Contact us today for a tailor-made proposal for your company!