Parking your car

There is sufficient parking space on campus. Depending on the surface area you are renting we also make available a number of parking spaces on Corda Campus. There are parking spaces near the buildings for visitors and the disabled.

Corda Campus built a car park in a vacant logistics warehouse on the premises of what used to be Philips Hasselt. We have managed to make sustainable use of this old warehouse by converting it into a car park.

After the renovation we created an additional 537 parking spaces. The commuters from Hasselt-Kiewit station will also be able to use this new car park in addition to the 61 companies that already have a presence on campus. This project was co-funded with a grant from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Stichting Limburg Sterk Merk (LSM, Limburg, a strong brand) with the aim of facilitating access to Hasselt-Kiewit station and providing parking space for train commuters.