Corda Park

The campus park is a haven of tranquillity and a source of inspiration.

The campus itself is a restricted traffic area. The centre of the campus is also its green lung. The campus feeling is emphasised by the many walking and bike trails that connect the various buildings.

Visual partitions are created with greenery and by varying the landscape. The design of the campus park capitalised on greenery. Trees and green structures are used as features in the design of the public spaces. The open areas and public spaces are covered with lush green grass. A network of roads that criss-cross through the campus embeds the campus in its wider surroundings.

The campus can be easily reached on foot or by bike and the visually interesting lines of sight contribute to the appeal of the public areas, as well as enhancing the social security on campus.

The incorporation of experience elements such as water, an excuse to unwind, contribute to making the campus a place that you like to pass through or where you choose to spend more time.