Corda Campus is the leading international campus in the province of Limburg which focuses on technology, high-tech, ICT and new media, attracting innovative companies and institutions.

Corda Campus wants to provide its users access to:

  • A flexible infrastructure
  • Efficient services
  • An optimal exchange of ideas and experiences with peers
  • Relevant networks

A remarkable master plan

Corda1 hosts a service centre, which acts as a motor for the entire site. On the higher floors, 14,000 sq. m. of state-of-the art offices are made available.

Corda1, in the heart of the campus, is surrounded by the campus park, which connects the different parts of the site. The service centre houses the common facilities, such as the general reception desk, the meeting rooms, the corporate restaurant Corda Cuisine, the Corda Bar brasserie and several other services.

A wide range of facilities supporting research

Corda Campus can support all research types with its high-quality facilities – from exploratory research (which requires a lab to tackle the research question) to constructive research (which entails developing concrete solutions in a highly inspiring environment) and empirical research (where data collection is used to quantify effects on target groups).

A combination of various real-estate solutions

  • Offices​
  • Workshops
  • Labs
  • Archives
  • Warehouse