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Link bvba is a young and dynamic company which is determined to support its customers with the optimization of their business processes. 

In a lot of companies, the different departments are still separate islands. Every department has its own database and software which is not compatible with the data and software of other departments. This demands quality and money; communication going wrong, the same information being put in several times by different departments, no uniform data,...

We will link your business processes and transform your islands into a strong chain! 

But there is more… Often companies are looking for ways to operate more efficiently and cost effective. Also for this, we provide the solution. A lot of times, this requires unique and specific knowledge which usually means a heavy financial burden on your company. Also for this unique and specific knowledge, you can count on us. This concerns for example: setting up of an ERP system, building of configurators, central data management for all your departments, product standardisation, setting up databases, production automation and much more...


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