Open innovation

That being said, (continued) innovation is no mean feat. The key technologies behind innovation are no longer sufficient to secure success. More often than not, the determining factor is an innovative ecosystem, i.e. a network of independent partners that is essential when devising, developing and supplying technology-oriented innovation or when modernising an existing business model. Isn’t that what we’re all after? Like no other, Corda Campus encourages open innovation and co-creation in its community, which is made up of both small and large businesses.

In the shift from closed to open innovation, companies need to become aware of the evolving landscape. Not all good ideas are generated in-house, and they need not necessarily be further developed within the company walls. Below you’ll find a few examples.

Involving third parties in the development of new technologies, products and services can bring enormous added value. Setting up partnerships with peers in your sector, as well as suppliers, universities or colleges and of course, with end users is the way to go. Would you like to get in touch with an entrepreneur at Corda? Just ask, and we’ll do the rest! 

PS. Interesting read: Henry William Chesbrough, “Open Innovation: The New Imperative for Creating and Profiting from Technology” (2003)