The Corda Campus ecosystem is made up of more than 60 companies, but thanks to our close collaboration with the University of Hasselt and PXL University College, and the availability of economic players at the Campus, such as Enterprise Flanders, Innovatiecentrum Limburg (Limburg Innovation Centre), Flanders Investment & Trade and LRM, we managed to create the much-discussed triple-helix structure, stimulating open innovation.

Targeted collaboration between companies, knowledge institutions and governments aims to turn knowledge into economic development. By using knowledge from higher education institutions (i.e. research), companies are given the tools they need to innovate and to translate results into economic growth.


1 plus 1 makes 3, and networking is key! Corda Campus brings together professionals and encourages them to boost their own and each other’s skills. We bring them together quite literally, for example at Corda.Bar, our meeting centre or the events hall, which host interesting activities every week. There’s no better place to come up with new plans! The old fences have made way for an open, green park – an oasis of relaxation and inspiration. At Campus Corda, you’re sure to enjoy a stimulating work environment. Here, companies can focus on their core business whilst creating added value. And that is precisely our ultimate goal: achieving great results and growth in a stimulating and motivating framework. In a nutshell, this is an open campus for open-minded people.

Talents at work

Corda Campus is an international community of highly educated talents – people who speak the same language and share a passion for technology. Great mind thinks alike. These ‘techies’ approach one another to share experiences and discuss innovative opportunities and business models. The Corda Campus concept makes all of this possible, and encourages its entire ecosystem to jump on the bandwagon.

The beating heart of our campus is Corda1. This is where the magic happens: Corda Bar, Corda Kaffee and Corda Cuisine – the ultimate meeting places – are all here, along with the campus shop, the auditorium and so much more. Every day, Corda1 hosts both staff and visitors for lunch and many interesting events.

This makes our campus particularly attractive for top talents, particularly from the universities and colleges nearby. Corda Park – a 3-hectare park with comfortable benches and beautiful ponds – also contributes to our open-innovation mind-set.